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Affordable Dentistry in Avon, Indiana

When you think of things that are affordable, health care is probably not on the top of your list. Most likely that includes dental care too. Check out our blog post for a look at our affordable dental options in Avon.

Learn About Our Painless Gum Disease Treatment

Have you noticed that your gums bleed frequently when you brush your teeth? Or that they look redder or more swollen than usual? It’s possible that you have gum disease. Read our blog post to learn about painless solutions to remedy the situation.

Insurance-Friendly Dentist in Avon, Indiana!

We work hard to offer quality dental care to patients throughout the Avon area. We know all too well that the cost of dental care can prevent some patients from accessing the treatment they need. Read our blog post to learn about our multiple payment and financing options. We are also insurance-friendly!

The Future of Dentistry Is Here Today

Over the last few decades, dental technology has evolved to become more comfortable and efficient than ever before. Check out our blog post where we shine a spotlight on a few of the key pieces of cutting-edge technology that help our team provide quality care to our patients.

Are You Too Embarrassed to See the Dentist?

While we wish that all of our patients visited us every six months for regular cleanings and exams, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way. Whether it’s your busy schedule, dental anxiety, or some other reason that’s kept you from the dentist, our team is always ready to welcome you back! Read our blog post to learn how we do that.

Spring Treats That Are Good for Your Teeth

With each new season comes different types of treats to enjoy, yet seasonal goodies aren’t always the best for our dental health. Read our blog post for some springtime food options that won’t hurt your teeth, and instead are tasty while still being good for your smile.

Dental Milestones Your Children Should Meet

New parents discover quickly that childhood is packed with milestones. From a kid’s first steps, to their first word, to their first tooth! Read our blog post where we highlight a few major dental milestones, and learn when to expect them in your child’s future.

How Does Advanced Dental Technology Improve Treatment?

Over the last few years, dental technology has quickly advanced to make treatment more comfortable and more effective than ever before. Read our blog post to learn about the advanced technologies we use in our office to give you the best care possible.

What’s the Difference Between DDS & DMD with Dentists?

When it comes to dentistry, titles and degrees can be confusing to those outside the industry, but we know how important it is to our patients that they understand the level of education, training, and certification their dentist has received. Read our blog post where we explain the difference between DDS and DMD dental degrees.