Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

One of our sedation options is laughing gas, a colorless, sweet-smelling, blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide gases that help patients feel relaxed and at-ease regardless of what is happening around them. Some patients describe a giddiness or a floating-like sensation, hence the name “laughing gas.”

Nitrous oxide is administered through a comfortable mask that is placed on the nose. Our doctors have special equipment that allow them to monitor and adjust how much laughing gas is being released throughout the dental procedure. Our equipment is regularly checked and calibrated and only administered by our specially trained staff.

This safe and effective sedation option helps many patients feel more comfortable in the dental chair, especially people who experience dental anxiety. Other advantages of nitrous oxide include:

  • One of the safest dental sedatives
  • Very few side effects or risks
  • It’s a painless treatment
  • The effects are felt almost immediately
  • Patients are fully conscious the whole time
  • The effects of laughing gas wear off quickly post-treatment

To reverse the effects of laughing gas, all you have to do is simply breathe normal oxygen for several minutes and you will begin to feel normal again. Patients are allowed to return to normal activities like driving after receiving laughing gas.

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Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral Conscious Sedation, sometimes called “relaxation dentistry,” involves taking a pill to fall into a dream-like state during a dental treatment. Some people mistakenly refer to it as “sleep dentistry,” which is not accurate due to the fact that patients are conscious during the procedure. You many become so relaxed that you fall asleep during the appointment, but most patients are able to be woken up with a gentle shake.

The medications that we prescribe to our patients are both very safe and work well to keep dental anxiety at bay. During your initial consultation, we will need to learn about your medical history, including any medications you take, alcohol consumption, and smoking habits, to create your custom treatment plan.

Thanks to oral conscious sedation, patients are able to have relaxing and pain-free procedures without having to cancel all of their plans for the rest of the day following their dental visit. Other advantages of choosing oral conscious sedation include:

  • Can ease high levels of anxiety or fear
  • Works well for patients with strong gag reflexes
  • Your mouth won’t be numb
  • Because it comes in pill form, there is no need for shots
  • There are no unpleasant noises, smells, or tastes

Most patients feel very little discomfort or lingering effects after the appointment is over. You may feel a bit wobbly for awhile after the medication wears off, but most of the effects should subside relatively quickly. Patients who choose to use oral conscious sedation should plan to have someone drive them home after their treatment is complete.

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