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Have you noticed that your gums bleed frequently when you brush your teeth? Or that they look redder or more swollen than usual? It’s possible that you have gum disease. While gum disease is a serious concern because of its long-term effects on your dental health as well as your overall health, there are solutions out there to remedy the situation.

While surgery is still an option on the table for treating gum disease, especially gum disease that has progressed into the more serious later stages, there are other painless options out there that can be tried first. One of these being Arestin, a type of antibiotic powder that targets the infection.

How Does Arestin Work?

Inside of Arestin powder are thousands of microspheres that contain an antibiotic called minocycline hydrochloride. We place Arestin directly into the pocket between the tooth and gums where the infection is so that over time the medicine can fight the disease-causing bacteria right at the problem spot. This is unlike other antibiotics that you take in pill form.

When Is Arestin Used?

Arestin is often used along with a deep cleaning, which you may also hear referred to as a scaling and root planing. Using Arestin actually significantly increases the effectiveness of a deep cleaning!

Who Can Receive Arestin?

Before prescribing Arestin, we’ll need to review your medical history. Some patients, such as those who have diabetes, have a weak immune system, or are pregnant may be more suitable for a different type of gum disease treatment. If that’s the case, don’t worry. There are other options out there for you, including special mouth rinses and laser gum therapy!

Gum Therapy at Dental Solutions of Avon

If you think you have gum disease or you’d like more information about your treatment options, contact us at Dental Solutions of Avon. We offer different types of gum therapy, which also includes laser gum therapy. Whatever your situation may be, we’re committed to finding you a solution that restores the health of your smile.

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