Why Are We Attracted to People Who Smile

Your smile is one of your most powerful assets. Have you ever realized that you’re more attracted to someone who is smiling or has a subtle grin when resting? You’re not alone. Read our blog post to learn more about showing off your pearly whites and the impact it has on those around you!

Natural Ways to Strengthen My Teeth

Your teeth are incredibly strong—just think about all of the things you can bite down and chew on with them! Although it’s natural for your enamel to wear down over time, there are quite a few different ways to actually strengthen your teeth. Read our blog post for tips for stronger teeth!

How to Have an Earth-Friendly Bathroom Routine

When thinking about our dental hygiene and bathroom routine, we often forget about the amount of waste we’re creating. Between water consumption and harmful beauty products, the bathroom isn’t always an earth-friendly environment. Read our blog post to learn how you can improve your routine to make it more friendly to the environment.

Is Gum Disease Hereditary?

While neglecting your dental hygiene routine is the main cause of gum disease, your genetics play a role in your oral health as well. Read our blog post to learn about gum disease and find out if it is hereditary.

3 Questions to Ask Your Dentist This Year

It’s a new year and that means coming up with your new year’s resolutions. We often focus on lifestyle changes, but why not make one centered around your oral health? Read our blog post to learn more about the most important questions you can ask your dentist to take control of your dental wellness in 2019!

How Does Teeth Whitening Remove Stains?

While there’s no way to reverse aging, a wide variety of advances in medical technology have lessened its effects. Read our blog post where we discuss a popular treatment: professional teeth whitening.

Root Canal Procedure: Step by Step

You don’t need to run away at thought of a root canal. Root canal is a common, proven treatment that helps rather than hurts you. Read our blog post where we shine some light on the steps of the procedure to let you know that it’s not something that should cause you worry or fear.

Are CEREC Crowns As Durable As Other Dental Crowns?

Patients often ask if CEREC crowns are as durable as traditional crowns. Read our blog post where we address that question while providing a brief description of crowns in general and CEREC technology in particular.

Why Do I Breathe Through My Mouth When I Sleep?

Do you ever wake up with a dry mouth or sore jaw in the morning? Chances are you’ve been breathing through your mouth when you sleep. Read our blog post for the causes of, consequences of, and ways to prevent breathing through your mouth when you sleep.

Why Are My Teeth Sensitive to Temperature?

Do you find yourself wincing after a sip of hot coffee or a bite of ice cream? If so, your teeth may be more sensitive than normal. Read our blog post for some wisdom on common causes of tooth sensitivity as well as some ways we treat it. Contact our office if you are concerned about tooth sensitivity.