Spring Treats That Are Good for Your Teeth

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With each new season comes different types of treats to enjoy. Autumn brings apples, Halloween candy, and pumpkin pie. Winter means hot cocoa, Christmas cookies, and Valentine’s chocolates. The thing is, these seasonal goodies aren’t always the best for our dental health. Now that we’re in the middle of springtime, we wanted to give you some food options that won’t hurt your teeth, and instead are tasty while still being good for your smile.

cheese and fruit spread good for your teeth

Cheese Spread

Not many people can say no to beautiful cheese spread. Luckily, cheese is rich in dairy, which is great for the health of your teeth. Get a wooden cutting board and load it with pieces of brie, cheddar, gouda…whatever cheeses you like! You can also decorate the spread with some bunches of grapes, as fruit is another great snacking choice.

Fruit-Flavored Water

Speaking of fruit: A pitcher of ice cold water with some pieces of colorful fruit inside will pop on any springtime spread. It’s the perfect alternative to sugar-laden beverages like soda and juice, and it still offers something a little more special than a plain glass of water. You can get creative with what you choose to infuse your water with. Oranges, berries, and watermelon are just some ideas!

Carrots & Celery with Hummus

Carrots and celery are good for your teeth for a number of reasons. For one, they’re quite fibrous and chewing them results in more saliva production, all of which helps clean your teeth. On top of that, they’re full of water and healthy nutrients which can contribute to the health of your teeth. Grab a carrot stick, some baby carrots, or a piece of celery and dip it into some tasty hummus for a guilt-free, springtime snack.

We hope you enjoy munching on these yummy snacks, and your smile will thank you for it. If you’re in the middle of spring cleaning and that includes your dental cleaning, contact Dental Solutions today and we’ll get you set up with an appointment.

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