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How Do I Know If I Cracked a Tooth?

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell when you’ve cracked your tooth. Other times, it’s not so clear. Read our blog post for a look at different symptoms of a cracked tooth.

What Is the Cause of My Sensitive Teeth?

Have you noticed that your teeth seem to feel extra sensitive when it comes to hot and cold foods and drinks and when you brush your teeth? You may be suffering from tooth sensitivity. Read our blog post to learn more about the most common causes of tooth sensitivity and how to minimize it!

Tooth Sensitivity Remedies

Do you experience sensitivity when you drink a cup of hot coffee or when you bite into a popsicle? If so, you could be suffering from tooth sensitivity. Read our blog post where we explain what tooth sensitivity is, what causes it, tooth sensitivity remedies, and how you can prevent it.

What Does Warmer Weather Mean for Your Teeth?

Temperatures are finally starting to rise, and summer will be here before you know it. Spring and summer not only bring better weather and a change in wardrobe -- it can also mean improved oral health. Read our blog post to learn more!