Drug-Free Remedy for Tension Headaches

November 4, 2019 8:04 pm Published by
bearded man holding his head with a tension headache

What do you do when you get a headache? Do you immediately head to the medicine cabinet to grab a pain reliever? While yes, this often works and is a common remedy, some people with frequent headaches may be hesitant to keep turning to medications multiple times a week. It’s important to know that there is also a drug-free remedy out there for treating tension headaches. Here’s more about what causes tension headaches and what you can do to treat them without drugs.

Causes of Tension Headaches

The cause of a tension headache varies from case to case. For some people, it may be stress. For others, it may be a lack of sleep. Sometimes it’s a matter of the foods you eat. One thing that people may not realize is that tension-type headaches can also be caused by tightness in your jaw, scalp, neck, and shoulder muscles.

The NTI Device

If your headaches are being caused by this type of muscle contraction, then an NTI device could help you find relief. NTI stands for nocturnal trigeminal nociception inhibitor. It sounds complicated, but actually, it’s a simple concept that delivers effective results.

Let’s back up a little: When you clench and grind your teeth, this can cause your jaw and head muscles to tense up. This in turn, as we know, can result in those pesky headaches. The NTI device is designed to prevent you from clenching your teeth so that your muscles can stay relaxed.

The NTI device is a small mouthpiece that you place on either your upper front teeth or your lower front teeth while you sleep. With this mouthpiece in place, your molars aren’t able to make contact, which means they can’t grind on each other. As a result, we can block the pain from occurring in the first place, not just treat the pain after the fact.

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