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Digital X-Rays

Dental digital x-rays on monitorX-rays, also known as radiographs, are commonly used in dental exams of patients of all ages. Many problems with teeth and the surrounding tissues cannot be seen by the naked eye. An X-ray is needed to reveal:

  • Small areas of decay between teeth or below existing restorations (fillings)
  • Deep cavities
  • Infections that can develop in the jaw bones
  • Deep gum disease
  • Abscesses or cysts
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Some types of tumors

Digital X-rays are comfortable for you, and they are faster than traditional X-rays, with the images available to be enlarged and viewed on a computer or TV screen within seconds. Digital X-rays are also safe. They can be used during pregnancy, and some studies cite that they emit up to 90% less radiation!

With no chemical processing needed, digital X-rays are easy on you and the environment. In cases where X-rays help us detect oral cancer early, they not only help us save your smile but they can also help save your life!

Galileos 3D Imaging


The GALILEOS 3D X-ray imaging system makes high-quality, 3D digital X-rays a reality for doctors and their patients. How? A digital X-ray scanner is mounted on a mechanical arm that rotates around a patient’s head, projecting X-rays in a computer-controlled, cone-shaped beam. In a matter of seconds, all data images needed are collected after one complete pass of the scanner.

The detailed images can then be called up on a computer screen in a variety of angles and views, including 2D, 3D, and panorama. This allows us to fully see the relationship between patients’ teeth, bones, nerves, tissues, and airways like never before, making us exceptionally equipped for diagnostic and treatment planning decisions. We believe complete information is a vital component of comprehensive care!

CEREC One-Visit Crowns Milling Unit

CEREC® One-Visit Crowns

With CEREC® technology, we don’t need to use an off-site mill or laboratory to create your custom crown. Instead, we can do it right from our office in a single appointment. This high-tech piece of equipment has revolutionized the way patients receive dental crowns, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer this time-saving option to you!

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Digital Imaging (Smile Preview Software)

Dreaming of a beautiful smile but living with teeth you’re unhappy with? If you’ve been dealing with crooked, misshapen, or discolored teeth for so long that you cannot visualize them looking any different, we have digital imaging software that does the trick! This smile preview software shows you how fabulous your new and improved smile could look before we even begin treatment.

During your cosmetic consultation, we will take some digital photographs. To show you the possibilities for your smile, one of our doctors will digitally manipulate the images to virtually conduct the treatment plan we recommend. Teeth can be whitened and straightened, their shape can be changed, and missing teeth can even be filled in, all in just a few mouse clicks. It’s quite remarkable what can be done with this imaging software!

Isolite being used on dental patient

Isolite® Patient Comfort System

The Isolite® system is a small invention that can make a big difference in your dental experiences. It has a light to illuminate your mouth from the inside, so treatments are unobstructed by shadows and performed more efficiently. This means you spend less time in the dental chair!

The Isolite promotes comfort, too, by allowing you to rest your jaw during treatment. In addition, it completely eliminates the need for cotton rolls and rinse breaks. Come in and experience the difference!

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral Camera

Like digital X-rays, our intraoral camera is a diagnostic and patient education tool that we think you will appreciate. Using the camera, we can give you a “tour” of your mouth, live on a TV or computer screen. This allows you to see what we see, guiding you through your diagnosis and dental treatment options and keeping you informed every step of the way. On our end, the camera allows us to visualize more and detect issues we might not have been able to see without the up-close view that the intraoral camera gives us.

Dental Loupes

Magnification Loupes

Excellent dental care requires attention to detail and exacting precision. We must work in very small spaces and be accurate to a fraction of a millimeter. To help us, our doctors use the same special prismatic magnification glasses, or “loupes,” that surgeons use. Yes, we take your teeth that seriously! Depending on whether we are doing a simple procedure like a routine cleaning or a more complex treatment like root canals, we can adjust the magnification to give us the absolute best view when providing you care.

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Velscope Oral Cancer Screening

In addition to the regular visual oral cancer screenings we perform at every cleaning appointment and the dental X-rays we recommend periodically, we also offer Velscope oral cancer screening. Oral cancer is actually curable in 80 to 90% of cases when it is caught in its early stages. One of the challenges with oral cancer screenings, however, is that early-stage oral cancer tissues are often visually indistinguishable from non-cancerous mouth tissues.

While routine visual exams help us catch oral cancer in moderate to advanced stages, there is now technology to help us see oral cancer while it is still in the earlier stages. We use Velscope for these more thorough screenings. The procedure is simple and painless, involving special light technology that has proven successful in identifying early-stage soft tissue abnormalities that can turn into oral cancer.

We have the high-tech tools needed for exceptional dental care!

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Advanced Dental Treatments

Arestin® Gum Treatment

If you have any degree of gum disease, we want to help. Gum disease used to require surgery more often than not. While surgery is still an option and sometimes needed, many cases are now treated with less invasive techniques first, including deep dental cleanings, local antibiotics, and special mouth rinses.

Arestin® is a kind of prescription antibiotic (minocycline hydrochloride) that helps kill the bacteria that cause gum disease. After the spaces between the gums and teeth, called “gum pockets,” have been deep cleaned, we place Arestin in the treated pockets where it dissolves.

Arestin has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and getting it is painless. It is also different from an antibiotic taken in pill form because it is placed directly where you need it and right where it works. Arestin has been found to make deep cleanings three times more likely to result in successful treatment than deep cleanings alone!

Periolase Dental Laser Gum Therapy

PerioLase® Laser Gum Therapy

The PerioLase® dental laser means no more scalpels or stitches are required when it comes to treating gum disease. This gentle, non-invasive treatment uses quick pulses of energy to remove infection. A truly revolutionary option, laser gum therapy is both faster and more comfortable than alternative gum treatments.

Learn more about laser gum therapy! »

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Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)

To explain why endodontics, or root canal therapy, is sometimes needed, it helps to understand how exactly the issue all begins. The inside of each tooth contains soft tissue with nerves and blood vessels running from the root to the crown. A crack, deep cavity, or other injury to a tooth can cause the nerve to become damaged or diseased, allowing bacteria to enter the tooth and kill the living tissue. Without treatment, the resulting infection can cause pain, swelling and abscesses, loss of the diseased tooth, and eventually damage to the surrounding bone.

With endodontic treatment, also called root canal therapy, we carefully remove the diseased tissue and nerve from the tooth and gently clean and seal the root canal to protect it from bacteria. If necessary, medication or an antibiotic can also be used to control the spread of bacteria and stop infection. Finally, a crown is placed over the reshaped tooth to restore and strengthen it.

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Relief from the pain of an infected tooth is a very welcome and immediate advantage to root canal therapy. Long-term benefits include:

  • Saving your natural tooth
  • Avoiding damage to the surrounding bone
  • Having a restored tooth that should last you many years with continued dental care and good oral hygiene

The expert team at Dental Solutions will make sure you’re completely informed about the process and properly anesthetized, or sedated, during treatment, so you won’t have anything to worry about!

Galileos 3D Imaging

Dental Implants

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, 3 million people in the U.S. are using dental implants to replace missing teeth. We use 3D digital imaging and the latest tools to efficiently provide patients with natural-looking dental implants, all while shortening recovery time. With innovations in modern dentistry, the placement procedure is faster and more precisely planned than ever before!

Dentures & Removable Partial Dentures

We can determine the best of several available options for those who need dentures.
If desired, dentures can be fashioned to look like your natural teeth did, to minimize any change in your appearance. When wearing dentures, good dental hygiene and a balanced diet are very important to help keep the mouth healthy. Brush gums, tongue, and palate daily with a soft toothbrush to remove plaque and stimulate circulation, and make sure to brush your dentures daily as well.

Over time, dentures may need to be adjusted or replaced as they show signs of age and wear, or become loose. Sores and infections caused by ill-fitting dentures are not only uncomfortable, but they can also cause other health problems. Dentures are delicate and must be treated with care and properly stored when not being worn. Like millions of other denture wearers, after a little practice and patience, you too can eat foods you love, speak with greater ease, and smile with confidence again!

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Complete Dentures

Complete dentures can be made and inserted in the mouth either immediately after the removal of remaining teeth (immediate dentures), or after the gums have healed for 6 to 8 weeks (conventional dentures).

With immediate dentures, measurements are taken and models are made before the removal of teeth, so the dentures are ready to be worn immediately. Because gums and bones can shrink during healing, immediate dentures often need to be rebased or relined later to continue fitting properly. Once the mouth tissues have completely healed, a conventional denture can be prepared and placed.

Overdenture Dental Implants

Overdenture/Removable Partial Dentures

Some denture wearers are candidates for another option called an “overdenture,” which fits over some remaining natural teeth, crowns, and/or implants to provide additional stability and strength. Removable partial dentures fit around natural teeth still in the mouth and act as replacement for missing teeth similar to other dentures.

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Headache Prevention (Drug-Free)

Traditional theories have linked tension-type headaches (TTH) to muscle contraction and tightness in the jaw, scalp, neck, and shoulders. NTI (or nocturnal trigeminal nociception inhibitor) is an innovation in headache treatment that prevents intense clenching and teeth grinding, also called bruxism, so your jaw and head muscles can relax.

The NTI device is a small and comfortable FDA-approved mouthpiece that fits securely on either your upper or lower front teeth while you sleep. It creates exclusive contact between your incisors (the 8 teeth in the front of your mouth with straight edges) and prevents your molars from touching or grinding, which stops your pain at its source without drugs. We want to help you find relief!

Woman holding her ears because of man's snoring

Snoring & Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you suffer with obstructive sleep apnea, it can mean more than just loud, frequent snoring. This serious sleep disorder can actually lead to other major health concerns, including high blood pressure, increased risk of stroke, and even diabetes. Millions of people across the country are currently suffering with this condition, and if you are one of them, we can help treat the symptoms and restore your sleep!

As sleep apnea is caused by an obstruction in the airway, we are able to provide patients with one of two options that open air passages for easier breathing. A CPAP machine, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine, uses either a nose or full-face mask to make sure your airways unobstructed. This device is generally the most effective way to treat sleep apnea.

When a patient has a more minor case of sleep apnea, we can create a custom sleep apnea mouth appliance for them to use. These are considered more comfortable than CPAP masks. We will help you determine the best option for you, depending on your sleep apnea’s level of severity. Whichever device is chosen, you’ll enjoy a more restful sleep in no time!

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