Ways to Say No to Sugary Snacks!

August 5, 2016 7:52 pm Published by

Oh, the temptation of a sweet piece of candy or slice of decadent chocolate cake! When we’re out with friends or family, these enticing options are detrimental to our diet and overall health. Are you prepared to say no? Do you feel rude or anti-social when you say no to indulging? There are a few things you can do to ensure that you are not enticed and that you have the willpower to decline those sweet offers in a polite manner.

Here are three ways to say no to sugary snacks:

  1. Be prepared. Make sure you eat well-balanced and healthy snacks before leaving the house. If you fill up on fibrous snacks, such as apples and carrots, you are sure to feel full longer and will not find yourself reaching for empty calories.
  2. Carry healthy snacks with you. Having fresh food, such as apples, oranges, or nuts and seeds handy is a great way to satisfy cravings for something sweet.
  3. Just say “no”. Politely. There are times when people cannot take no for an answer. They will continue to ask why you will not indulge with them, but you’ve got the willpower! Politely decline by saying, “No, thank you. I appreciate the offer, but I am avoiding sugar as part of my new diet.” When they know you’re serious about your health, they’ll be more prone to offer you healthier options.

We understand that it is hard to ignore sweet temptations when they’re everywhere we look, but we believe that you can do it! If you need help kicking the sugar habit and gaining back your dental health, contact us today!

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