Good Flossing Habits

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Flossing if you’re like most people, flossing is on a nagging list of things you know you should be doing regularly, but just don’t seem to get around to. It’s right up there with your other shameful neglects, like exercising, making your bed, and calling your mother.

It’s not like any of the sane among us doubt the value of flossing. So stop holding back. Try one or two of the flossing mind tricks below in your quest to stay flossy!

Keep Your Goal In Sight

Out of sight is out of mind. Perhaps if you had a visual cue to floss, you’d actually do it! Instead of hiding your floss behind eye drops and cotton swabs in the medicine cabinet, place your floss right next to your toothbrush. You’ll see your forlorn floss looking back imploringly at you every time you brush, and with any luck, you’ll take pity on the poor thing. This is the first step to developing good flossing habits.

Stay Accountable

As soon as you know you’ll need to regularly report your flossing progress to someone, you’ll feel more motivated to follow through. Take a few minutes to recruit a Floss Boss. Your Floss Boss will ask you multiple times each week whether or not you’ve been flossing. Although there’s certainly some interesting pick-up line potential here, it’s generally a good idea to choose someone you already know as your Floss Boss.

Floss to Your Jam

Let’s face it. Flossing is boring. Try associating flossing with something you love so it doesn’t seem so mundane. Music is a fantastic motivator. Why not floss three or four minutes each day to your favorite jam?

Baby I’m just gonna floss, floss, floss, floss, floss

Floss it off! Floss it off!

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