Are Fluoride Treatments Necessary?

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Maybe you’ve been there before: sitting in the dental chair with a tray full of foam in your mouth. Thankfully you’re wearing that lovely paper bib to catch the drool since the tray has to stay there for a while as the foam fluoride treatment works its magic. Most of us have gotten fluoride treatments at the dentist, but are they really necessary?

The Short Answer

Fluoride treatments don’t hurt. Not exactly helpful, we know. Ultimately, a little extra fluoride never hurt anyone, though. Our teeth are coated in a hard substance called enamel, which protects against decay and cavities. Teeth only have a certain amount of enamel, and once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Fluoride helps protect the enamel against harmful bacteria that erode enamel.

The Details

Normal activities like eating and drinking cause bacteria and acids to form on teeth. These bacteria and acids, if left in the mouth, slowly eat away at enamel. When your enamel wears away, it can cause issues like tooth sensitivity, decay and cavities, and even gum disease.

Preventive care is one of the best ways to help protect your enamel from wearing down. Fluoride treatments at your routine appointments help the remineralization process. While that doesn’t help grow more enamel, it does help make the enamel that remains stronger. Strong enamel is better able to defend against bacteria and acids in the mouth, decreasing your likelihood of decay.

Conditions such as dry mouth, gum disease, gum recession, or a history of frequent cavities could put you at a higher risk for developing cavities. Fluoride treatments could be particularly beneficial to these patients.

If you’re concerned about getting fluoride treatments, or you want to learn more about their benefits, talk with our team at your next appointment. Ready to schedule? Call today or schedule online. Our friendly team and flexible financial options make visiting the dentist fun and easy.

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