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Why Are Some Fillings Bad for Our Health?

Over the past several decades, there has been a lot of controversy over amalgam fillings, more commonly known as silver fillings. Check out our blog post to learn more about amalgam and composite fillings.

Should My Wisdom Teeth Be Removed Before Braces?

So many of us get our wisdom teeth removed, and for good reason. These pesky extra teeth can cause pain, infection, and even shifting and overcrowding in your mouth. But when is the best time to get them removed? And how do braces factor into the equation? Read our blog post for answers!

Root Canal Procedure: Step by Step

You don’t need to run away at thought of a root canal. Root canal is a common, proven treatment that helps rather than hurts you. Read our blog post where we shine some light on the steps of the procedure to let you know that it’s not something that should cause you worry or fear.

Why Are My Teeth Sensitive to Temperature?

Do you find yourself wincing after a sip of hot coffee or a bite of ice cream? If so, your teeth may be more sensitive than normal. Read our blog post for some wisdom on common causes of tooth sensitivity as well as some ways we treat it. Contact our office if you are concerned about tooth sensitivity.