3 Ways Drinking with a Straw Can Benefit Your Smile

July 21, 2014 3:59 pm Published by

The simple act of choosing to use a straw can have an incredibly positive effect on your oral health. Think of it like using SPF – a small daily habit now can pay big dividends down the line! While it might seem juvenile or potentially wrinkle inducing, using a straw helps take care of your teeth in some pretty important ways! Here are three important ways drinking with a straw can benefit your teeth:

Increases water consumption

Many Americans find themselves drinking more water when they use a straw. This has a wonderful effect on oral hygiene as it helps to wash away any remaining food particles and sugars as well as stimulate the flow of salvia, the mouth’s natural defense system. Additionally, staying properly hydrated is extremely important for overall health.

Reduces staining

Using a straw with those sugary or strongly colored beverages can help reduce the amount of stains they cause. Drinks like soda or coffee can leave a real impact on the whiteness of your teeth; drinking them through a straw gives the beverage less exposure to your teeth – resulting in less dark staining.

Reduces cavities

Just as there is less staining with the use of a straw, there is also a reduced chance for cavities. When allowed to pool in the mouth soda can have a harsh effect on teeth. By using a straw, positioned towards the back of the mouth, it is possible to reduce the effects of those highly acidic beverages, which can weaken tooth enamel.

In conclusion, drinking through a straw can be a real life saver to your oral health! While helping to increase a person’s intake of good liquids, like water and unsweetened teas, straws can also help to reduce the effects of more sugary drinks like soda and juice. If you are looking to reverse the effects of staining or cavities, contact our dental office today to schedule an exam or whitening!