3 Steps to Help With Preparing for Oral Surgery

May 28, 2014 7:06 pm Published by

It’s no secret that oral surgery can be a frightening experience. But with a little preparation you can help alleviate that stress and help make recovery as easy as is possible. These three easy steps will help you focus on that recovery! Be sure to check with your surgeon for any additional specifics.

In the week before, PREP YOUR SPACE

When preparing for oral surgery, it really helps to prepare your home for recovery before your surgery. This could range from having prepared surgeon-approved snacks, stocking ice packs in the freezer to filling up the movie queue while you relax for a few days. It also helps to have an old pillowcase on your pillow so there’s no risk of ruining your good linen while you keep your head slightly elevated for recovery.

1-2 days before, PREP FOR RECOVERY

To help manage after-surgery pain, be sure to ask your doctor if you will require any medication after surgery. Have it prescribed and filled before your appointment so you can begin taking it according to your surgeon’s recommendations as soon as you return home. As most oral surgeries are outpatient, this is incredibly important and an easy step to help stave off stress the day of.

12 hours before, PREP YOUR BODY

Most oral surgeries require local or general anesthesia and you will need to fast the night before. Find out how long from your surgeon, usually 8 to 12 hours before surgery. Eat a healthy filling dinner before your fast begins to help tide you over. Don’t forget to check about water, especially if you have daily medications. If you are diabetic, remember to tell your doctor as you might have different guidelines for fasting before surgery. This fast also includes smoking; consider using a nicotine patch before and after surgery.

Oral surgery can be a stressful experience; especially as these are often the first surgical experiences people have. You can help manage that stress by preparing for recovery and focusing on readying your home, medications, and your body before surgery.

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