5 Bad Habits That Can Wreck Your Teeth

You know what you should be doing to keep your teeth clean and healthy--brush, floss, visit the dentist, and the list goes on. But do you know what you shouldn’t be doing? Read our blog post for five common habits that may be harming your teeth.

Should My Wisdom Teeth Be Removed Before Braces?

So many of us get our wisdom teeth removed, and for good reason. These pesky extra teeth can cause pain, infection, and even shifting and overcrowding in your mouth. But when is the best time to get them removed? And how do braces factor into the equation? Read our blog post for answers!

What’s the Difference Between DDS & DMD with Dentists?

When it comes to dentistry, titles and degrees can be confusing to those outside the industry, but we know how important it is to our patients that they understand the level of education, training, and certification their dentist has received. Read our blog post where we explain the difference between DDS and DMD dental degrees.

How Panda Teeth Could Positively Impact the Future of Dentures

Who doesn’t love panda bears? These fluffy black-and-white creatures, native to China, are a zoo favorite. Turns out pandas aren’t just adorable, but their teeth just hold groundbreaking benefits for human dental care. Read our blog post to learn more about panda teeth, and how they could impact the future of dentures.