CEREC® technology

Traditionally, getting a dental crown involves multiple visits to the dentist, waiting for crowns to be created off-site, and having a temporary crown placed and then removed. Phew! With CEREC® technology, it just takes ONE day to make and place your custom dental crown. We’ll have you smiling in no time!

  • Save valuable time
  • Eliminate the need for uncomfortable impression trays
  • Avoid the hassle of a plastic temporary crown
  • Match the look and feel of your natural teeth
  • Can be adjusted on-site immediately
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What is CEREC®?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This high-tech system allows us to design, make, and place biocompatible restorations—including crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers—in only one office visit. This not only means less time in the dental chair and more convenience for you, but it also means that impression trays full of messy goo in your mouth are a thing of the past! CEREC one-visit dentistry also eliminates the need for plastic temporaries in your mouth while laboratory work is completed (a process that can take weeks and a series of dental appointments).

CEREC makes it so you can get the dental crown treatment you need and then get right back to your busy life and the things that matter most. At Dental Solutions, we seek to add the available technologies and services to our practice that will make visiting the dentist easier and more comfortable for you.


How Does CEREC® Work?

After one of our doctors has examined your tooth and talked with you about the best course of treatment, your CEREC visit will be scheduled for a convenient time for you. At your appointment, we will prepare your tooth for restoration, saving as much healthy tooth structure as we can. Then, CEREC enables us to restore the tooth using a strong, biocompatible porcelain ceramic material that matches the color of your other healthy teeth. Using a special camera, we take several images of the tooth to be repaired. Working from those images, we use CEREC’s CAD/CAM software to digitally design a restoration that we are equipped to mill right in our office.

CEREC One-Visit Crowns Milling Unit

What is the Crown Milling Process?

The computer-aided milling process is extremely precise, ensuring a natural feeling fit when we bond the newly made restoration to the tooth. A block of the ceramic restorative material is inserted into our onsite CEREC milling unit and then machined to exact design specifications sent from the computer program. After only 15 minutes or so, your restoration will be ready to be placed. We polish it before bonding it to your tooth, so it will look and feel as good as your natural tooth, if not better!

Galileos 3D Imaging

Crowns for Dental Implants with GALILEOS 3D X-Rays

When you are getting a crown for your dental implant, we use GALILEOS 3D X-rays along with our CEREC system for accurate placement. GALILEOS uses a mechanical arm that rotates around a patient’s head to quickly generate detailed images. These images then help guide the implant placement process because we’ll have a detailed view to base our treatment plan on. When it comes to caring for our patients, we want to be as informed and prepared as possible, and high-quality GALILEOS images help us do just that.

Once the artificial root has been placed and fused with your jawbone, we can use CEREC to create a natural-looking crown to finish the restoration process. With both of these start-of-the-art tools, we’re able to provide safe and efficient restorative dentistry. In other words, you’ll be able to enjoy a fully restored smile in less time!

The CEREC Galileos machine

We can get you a custom dental crown faster than ever with CEREC!

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