Managing Pain From Orthodontics

August 21, 2020 7:27 pm Published by
young woman with braces points at a spot of discomfort in her mouth

Orthodontic treatments can not only improve the look of your smile but also greatly enhance your overall oral health! Straightening teeth and realigning the bite can make a complete difference in your smile’s health. However, we understand that moving teeth around and repositioning the jawbone can unfortunately come with mild discomfort and pain. Here are some tips to help manage any pain you’re experiencing throughout the orthodontic process!

Adjust Your Diet

Many patients report feeling the most pain from their orthodontic treatment while they’re eating. We recommend adjusting your diet to softer foods to ease the discomfort while you fuel your body. Foods such as soup, mashed potatoes, chicken, jello, pudding, soft vegetables, and pasta are all great options to prevent sharp pain when biting down. Softer foods will not only help with pain management, but also prevent any damage to your brackets and wires if you have traditional braces.

Thoroughly Clean Your Teeth

Orthodontic treatments, especially metal braces, can make it difficult to properly brush and floss your teeth. While tooth pain from the braces themselves can cause discomfort, you don’t want to add to it by getting cavities. By taking the time to thoroughly clean your teeth and gums twice a day, you can prevent additional pain and keep your mouth healthy!

Utilize Over-the-Counter Pain Medications

Tylenol and ibuprofen can help significantly on days where your pain levels are higher from your orthodontic treatment. Make sure to check with your doctor to see if these pain medications are right for you.

Plan Your Adjustment Appointments Accordingly

After you get your braces tightened or a new clear aligner tray, your teeth will be more sensitive. Make sure you don’t have any big plans or events to attend right after. You don’t want to miss out on a great time because your teeth are aching. Plan your adjustment appointments so that you have time to go home, relax, and eat soft foods after an adjustment to reduce pain and sensitivity.

Talk to Your Dentist

Your dentist knows your oral healthcare needs better than anyone. If you are struggling with unbearable tooth pain from your orthodontic appliance, reach out to your dentist! They will be able to help you get the relief you need that’s tailored to your health.

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