Give the Gift of a Healthy Smile

December 14, 2021 8:55 pm Published by
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Struggling to think of a gift for one of your loved ones? You can’t go wrong with the gift of a gorgeous, healthy smile. Here at Dental Solutions of Avon/Indy, we’re your resource for the perfect gift this year. Keep reading for our top holiday giving tips.

General Dentistry

Sometimes the basics are the most important part. And when we’re talking about basics in dentistry, we mean general, routine care. The foundation of great oral health is your bi-annual visit to the dentist. Twice a year, we have the opportunity to give your smile a deep clean, take x-rays, and examine your mouth for everything from gum disease to tooth decay to oral cancer. It’s our chance to get out in front of any oral health issues you may have, giving you the best possible chance at a lifelong healthy smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Looking to give the smile a bit of a boost? That’s where cosmetic dentistry comes in. A beautiful smile is the key to great self-confidence, so sprucing it up can really go a long way. Here at our practice we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services. Patients can choose from professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, braces, fillings, crowns, and fixed bridges. By starting with a consultation here at our office, we’ll help you determine a treatment plan that is sure to meet your needs.

Don’t Forget about Stocking Stuffers

Everyone loves a good dental stocking stuffer. Top off this tooth-changing gift with some complimentary dental care products. Have questions about the best choices? We’re always happy to answer your questions and recommend our favorites!

Quality Care in Indianapolis & Avon

While you’re thinking about your loved ones’ dental health, don’t forget about your own! Give us a call to schedule your next visit, or head to our website to request an appointment.

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