Caring for Your Teeth with Braces

March 15, 2022 8:32 pm Published by
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The final result of braces is often a beautiful, healthy, and straight smile. And while the orthodontic appliance will do all the work for straightening your teeth, caring for your teeth will be left up to you to achieve the status of a straight, beautiful, and healthy smile. Keep reading to see what you can do to care for your teeth with braces!

Brush & Floss Properly

You’ll quickly discover how the brackets and wires change your brushing and flossing routine when you have braces. Instead of being able to glide over or thread between your teeth easily, you’ll now need to take a little extra time to brush and floss properly.

You will also need to acquire some new dental equipment, including a smaller toothbrush and floss threaders to reach between and around the wires. Since brackets make it easier for plaque and bacteria to build up, brushing after each meal using angle techniques followed with flossing can provide a thorough clean.

Take Caution with Eating

Just like you need to take some extra time cleaning, you’ll have to take some minutes to think twice about what you eat. Certain foods can easily loosen or break your wires or brackets. Foods to avoid include:

  • Gum
  • Popcorn
  • Sticky candy
  • Hard foods
  • Corn on the cob

Maintain Dental Visits

While a lot of the care for your teeth with braces is up to you, you’ll have help along the way if you maintain your dental visits. Since you’ll likely have braces for a while, it’s essential to attend routine cleanings and orthodontic visits for cleaning tips and an extra pair of eyes on your oral hygiene.

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It can seem like a lot but caring for your teeth with braces is straightforward. If you have been thinking about orthodontic treatment for you or your child, our team would be happy to have you in for a consultation. We offer traditional braces to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy, and straight smile. Contact our team today to schedule your appointment!

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