Second Opinions from Dental Solutions

Have you recently been diagnosed with an oral issue that requires a costly procedure or a significant amount of dental work?

Dental Solutions happily provides second opinion consultations to help patients make well-informed decisions about the next steps in their dental care. Whether you’re looking for a second opinion on a diagnosis or a treatment plan, Dr. Weida and our dedicated staff can make sure that you make confident choices for your oral health.

When to Get a Second Opinion

If you’ve experienced any of the following situations, we highly recommend a second opinion appointment with our dental experts:

  • If you feel like the dentist was not qualified to diagnose your dental health problem.
  • If you’ve been diagnosed with a major dental issue that will require extensive work.
  • If you feel that you’ve been rushed into treatment.
  • If you are not sure that the recommended treatment is even necessary.
  • If you are concerned with whether the treatment costs are justified.
  • If you have been diagnosed with oral cancer.
  • If you’ve had dental work, but are still experiencing the same symptoms you experienced before the procedure.

Dental Solutions believes that patients should be fully informed and extremely confident in the choices they make toward their dental care. Our friendly and helpful staff will carefully listen to your concerns and questions, and provide you with meaningful dialogue that helps you understand your situation and our assessment.

Need a second opinion about your dental care? We would love to speak with you.

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